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Workplace Wellness

Meditation & Emotion Skills Workshop

Wellness Offerings

In this customizable workshop, we teach meditation and emotional intelligence skills. Through group collaboration, introspective work and small group work we bring insight to the experience of strong emotions.  Together we illuminate constructive responses that translate into improved interpersonal relationships.

This workshop is based on Cultivating Emotional Balance, an evidence-based program initiated by contemplative leaders, including the Dalai Lama, and leading emotions researchers in 2000.

Every organization is a unique combination of its people and its culture.  Because of this, there are unique needs that can be addressed with a combination of tools: from meditation to movement to interpersonal skill-building. Allow me to create a customized session or series that will address your goals. Whether it's to say "we appreciate you" or to help build new skills, a custom Workplace Wellness offering can help with the intangibles that make a workplace with a sense of belonging. 

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I attended the first cohort of "Minding My Emotions" and I am also a regular attendee to the weekly Workday Wellness mindful movement sessions. The Emotions program was so informative and something that really benefitted me especially during these emotionally turbulent times. I enjoyed the interaction with other attendees in our breakout exercises. The lecture and discussion partnered with meditation practice left me able to carry what I learned into my daily life and meditation practice. I highly recommend this course. I still refer to my notes and materials often as I navigate my emotions. 


-Workshop Participant

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