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Minding My Emotions: A meditation and emotions psychology workshop

This workshop is taught in a sangha (community format) in which we look at different emotions and their evolutionary themes --how their messages can help us -- and how we can help ourselves by responding to them in constructive ways.  With emotion psychology presentations forming the basis of each session, we then explore the content in various exercises from compassionate listening in small groups, written reflection, sharing and guided meditations.

This class is appropriate for anyone who may benefit from learning in a live Zoom format with group interaction. There is plenty to reflect upon in between classes with homework that is designed to be flexible for your schedules. Many students have said this class illuminated an aspect of emotions that they did not see before.

This course is based on Cultivating Emotional Balance.  Started in 2000 by leaders in contemplative tradition, including HH Dalai Lama and Dr. Alan Wallace, and leaders in emotions research such as Dr. Paul Ekman, Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an educational training committed to utilizing the experience of emotion as a path for developing the happiness of being for ourselves and in relationship to others. By integrating the wisdom traditions of modern psychology, current emotion research, and contemplative practices, CEB provides a secular platform for transformation. 

Minding My Emotions is offered in two parts, each one is 6-weeks long. Click the buttons below for more details --- including a brief outline and pricing. And check out the video below for more information and the audio recording below that for a sample of the meditations that we may use in this workshop.

Minding My Emotions workshops are scheduled approximately every quarter.  Please click the below button for upcoming sessions. Sessions are entered into the system on a rolling basis, so if you do not currently see one, please feel free to email me for tentative dates.

Sample Workshop Meditation

00:00 / 12:25

This meditation is known as Preparatory Steps for Cultivating the Mind. In each meditation that is part of this program we began with these steps. They allow us to start our practice from a place of relaxation, stillness and wakefulness so that we may develop continuous attention.

"I learned so much from JP's Minding My Emotions course. From understanding the difference between an emotion, mood, trait, and disorder, to deep diving into the characteristics and spectrums of specific foundational emotions, this course changed the way that I think about how I react and respond. JP also provided many helpful guided meditations that allowed me to look deep inside, and reflect on my emotions. I really enjoyed the interactive elements of this workshop like group discussions, too. Thank you for a really illuminating course, JP!" - Liz

Free Meditation

In support of music industry workers, who've been especially hard hit from the closure of events, I am teaming up with my friend, a long-time meditator and music industry worker, to offer free meditation.  We will start with brief instructions of mindfulness meditation and follow with 15 minutes of sitting time and a few minutes of sharing. Great for all levels of experience!

Easy Guided Meditation

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00:00 / 07:19

This short guided meditation is a great one to do anytime, anywhere.  Simply sit down in a chair and turn it on - on the train, at the desk at work, at the park, wherever!

This is a great practice if you want a short break and have been feeling overly anxious. In it, you'll notice I mention that you can hold your thumb - just hold one thumb with your opposite hand, wrapping your whole hand around it. This is a gesture of support to yourself and comes from the energy practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu.